Bose QuietComfort 25 Review (QC-25)

TL;DR: I have tested dozens of headphones over the last 12 months and the QuietComfort (QC-25) 25 is still the most comfortable headphone with excellent noise cancellation and good sound reproduction.  Comparing the QC-25 to the QC-35 The QuietComfort 35 (QC-35) is the wireless bluetooth version of the QC-25. The QuietComfort 35 (QC-35) offers slightly… Continue reading Bose QuietComfort 25 Review (QC-25)

Most relaxing song in the world (science)

Everyone knows that music has a magical ability to enhance your emotions. It can push you to your exercise faster, smile more or fall into deep meditative contemplation. A British band called Marconi Union has used scientific research to produce what it calls “the most relaxing song” ever created. The bank worked with professionals (like sound… Continue reading Most relaxing song in the world (science)

First look at the Bose QC-30 Bluetooth noise-cancelling earphones

Apple hates ports and will kill each and every one of them come hell or high water. The iPhone 7 / 7 Plus pushed the market away from wired headphones into the loving arms of Bluetooth. Audiophiles will explain that Bluetooth has limited bandwidth which means audio fidelity is severely compromised and they are right.… Continue reading First look at the Bose QC-30 Bluetooth noise-cancelling earphones

De-stressing transforming tea bags

These specially designed teabags start off in a “stressed out shape” and then slowly transform into a more relaxed version of that shape when dunked in hot water. This creative idea was hatched by the bright minds at M&C Saatchi (link) for the BOH tea company (link). It’s a great visual reminder to just take… Continue reading De-stressing transforming tea bags

6 Tips to beat stress now

Whether you talk to a teenage or a 95 year old grandmother, everyone has “valid” reasons to stress out.  Why Stress? Stress is a survival mechanism developed over thousands of years of human evolution. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were stressed when they were being chased by a lion on the Serengeti. In today’s… Continue reading 6 Tips to beat stress now


As a scuba diver I love the water. On vacation, all I want to do is go diving or grab my mask and snorkel looking for fish, lobster and coral. Every trip, I meet vacationers who profess their love for snorkelling but admit not being able to use the traditional snorkel (breathing from your mouth).… Continue reading EASYBREATH SNORKELING MASK for everyone

Break Clubs help people cope with their frustrations

Have you ever been so frustrated that you wanted to break something? Through plates on the floor, hit a screen with a bat or jump on a laptop? There are better ways to deal with your emotions but it you want the satisfaction of primal destruction then you are in in. There are now special… Continue reading Break Clubs help people cope with their frustrations