How to thrive under pressure

Your body is a miraculous creation that is able to quickly adapt to different situations often without you even realizing it. When working in pressure situation, your body reacts by making physiological changes [for the worst] that also impact how you think. Truth is pressure is the new normal and you must learn to deal with it… Continue reading How to thrive under pressure

The Hidden Killer of Your Creativity

Last minute work on school assignments was the norm for most university students. They wait until the last minute then “pull an all-nighter”. Many feel that this pressure to deliver makes them work better but recent scientific evidence shows that this may actually be completely false. It seems pressure may actually stifle innovation and creativity.… Continue reading The Hidden Killer of Your Creativity

De-stressing transforming tea bags

These specially designed teabags start off in a “stressed out shape” and then slowly transform into a more relaxed version of that shape when dunked in hot water. This creative idea was hatched by the bright minds at M&C Saatchi (link) for the BOH tea company (link). It’s a great visual reminder to just take… Continue reading De-stressing transforming tea bags

6 Tips to beat stress now

Whether you talk to a teenage or a 95 year old grandmother, everyone has “valid” reasons to stress out.  Why Stress? Stress is a survival mechanism developed over thousands of years of human evolution. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were stressed when they were being chased by a lion on the Serengeti. In today’s… Continue reading 6 Tips to beat stress now

Daydreaming – the untold secret to success

When  I was in elementary school, teacher actively discouraged daydreaming. They refereed to it as a “lack of attention” and a “waste of time”. As we got older, we kept these negative beliefs about daydreaming which may adversely impact our intelligence and overall mental well-being. Thinkers from the past have often defined daydreaming as a… Continue reading Daydreaming – the untold secret to success

Break Clubs help people cope with their frustrations

Have you ever been so frustrated that you wanted to break something? Through plates on the floor, hit a screen with a bat or jump on a laptop? There are better ways to deal with your emotions but it you want the satisfaction of primal destruction then you are in in. There are now special… Continue reading Break Clubs help people cope with their frustrations

It’s time to relax and meditate with

Meditation and relaxation have many health benefits including reducing stress, reducing pain and making a bad day a little more bearable. offers guided mediations (in 2,5,10,15 and 20 minute lengths.) The first icon is (mediating man) is where you set the length of the guided meditation.  The second icon is (alarm clock) a timer. … Continue reading It’s time to relax and meditate with